How to use the OraQuick® HIV test

Most people feel a little nervous before taking an HIV test. But testing yourself is always the right thing to do when you are at risk of being infected.

The OraQuick test is easy to use, just a little preparation is needed:

  •          Do not drink or eat or brush your teeth half an hour before using this test.
  •          Find a quiet place where you can be alone for at least 20 minutes.
  •          Read the instructions in the test kit carefully. In addition to the instructions included with the OraQuick test kit, the video on this website can help you through taking the test.

You collect an oral fluid sample by swabbing the lower and upper gums inside of your mouth. You then place the swab in a developer vial and the results are obtained in 20 minutes.

How to read the results

Your result is negative if there is one line next to the C and no line next to the T, HIV antibodies are NOT detected.

Your result is positive if there are two visible lines, one line next to the C and one next to the T (even a slightly visible line), HIV antibodies are detected.


If your result is negative

If your test result is negative, this means no HIV antibodies are found. If you engage in activities that put you at risk for HIV, regular testing is advised.

If your result is positive

If your result is positive, this means  HIV antibodies are found. Try to keep calm, the result needs to be confirmed at a hospital or clinic. Seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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